Outstate Wild fans don't have common sense, police say

St. Paul Police issued a "no-duh" warning to tonight's Wild hockey fans: hide your valuables in your car or don't bring them at all. We still have to warn people to do this?

According to the police, most of victims were from outstate Minnesota or out of state. They don't "get" city rules, they say. Silly outstaters.

In the past two months, more than 20 vehicle windows have been smashed and thieves took  purses, iPods, computers and other electronics left on seats or in plain view of anybody passing by,

the Star Tribune says


Most of the break-ins happened in the public parking lots near the Xcel Energy Center during the Wild games. The parking ramps are usually safer because they are staffed with security.

C'mon people! Leaving your purse or laptop on the seat? You're really asking for it.

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