Outrage: Minneapolis left off most bikeable cities list despite having second-best Bike Score

Not a top 10 bike city my ass!
Not a top 10 bike city my ass!
Thirteen Of Clubs via Flickr Creative Commons

This week, Walk Score used Bike Score data to put together its ranking of the 10 Most Bikeable Large U.S. Cities.

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Minneapolis, you might recall, clocked in with the second-highest Bike Score in the county last December (only Boulder ranked higher). Nonetheless, Walk Score left the City of Lakes out of its top 10. So what the hell gives?

A "note" under Walk Score's list explains: "[T]o keep our rankings apples-to-apples the list above only includes cities with 500,000 or more residents."

In other words, our bustling metropolis is too small for the for big city elitists at Walk Score.

"Minneapolis also deserves an honorable mention," Walk Score wrote. Thanks a lot, jerks.

As you'd imagine, Walk Score's omission of Minneapolis stirred up controversy in the comments section. Some suggested Walk Score consider the Twin Cities as a unified metro rather than Minneapolis and St. Paul individually.

Another commenter, after pointing out that many Minnesotans "do indeed bike between the cities," suggested he had better things to do than participate in a digital argument about Walk Score's ranking.

"I am jumping onto my bike from my home in South Minneapolis, and heading for the State Capitol near downtown St. Paul, where our governor will be signing a bill for marriage equality at 5:00," he wrote.

If that isn't the stuff of a top 10 bike city, then we have no idea what is.

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