Outdoor couch dwellers rejoice! City Council rejects ban


The sun is shining, the temperature is on the rise. And now that Minneapolis has rejected a proposed ban on outdoor couches, it's time to lug that nasty living room couch straight to your porch or backyard for some lounging in the sun.

The ordinance would have made it illegal to keep any upholstered furniture designed to be used indoors from ever seeing the outside elements. It was rejected by the Minneapolis City Council by a 9-4 vote Friday.

But couch dwellers beware: The city can still tell you to toss your couch with the current nuisance ordinance. So keep that thing clean, dry and clear of rodents just to be safe.

More from the Minnesota Daily:

Ward 2 Councilmember Cam Gordon said banning the furniture on porches went too far.Gordon said that there is already a nuisance condition that prohibits "foul" or "unhealthy" material on a property. Ward 10 Councilmember Ralph Remington said the current nuisance condition allows neighbors to call 311 to report "unsafe" furniture on property to be tagged and removed by the city. "It's duplicity in law," Remington said.