Out of the cannabis closet

Andrew Sullivan has been posting something called "The Cannabis Closet" on the Atlantic's website, whereby he encourages potheads to "come out" of the closet aforesaid . To coincide with David Hansen's excellent piece on medical marijuana this week (and because posting on April Fool's Day gives us plausible deniability), we're coming out of the cannabis closet ourselves. You're encouraged to do the same. You know who you are.


You might be asking yourself: why?


Probably the biggest reason our nation's pot laws or so comically out-of-step with reality/logic is that respectable pot-smokers have submitted to the relentless bullying carried out by the Drug Enforcement Agency and their hired liars (D.A.R.E.'s misinformation is particularly egregious, as any literate Millenial or Gen-Xer can attest). It goes without saying that when reasonable people keep mum--even on an issue as seemingly trivial as pot use--the irrational demons are allowed to run amok and spread their nonsense like cheap confetti, which is what they've been doing pretty smugly as of late. Not only is this problematic from a pure policy standpoint, it's also no fun at all from a living standpoint.

Enough already! In the comments section below, let your raspy, THC-saturated voices be heard. Include your real name if you've got any sand.

Note: This is not intended to glorify marijuana use or to promote some hackneyed "alternative" motif. The point here is to insert a little honesty (as inconsquential as it may be) into the discussion in order to reframe the parameters of debate an inch (fine: millimeter) closer to sanity.

Okay, I'll go first [rubs hands together]: my name is Matt Snyders and I'm an unabashed, occasional pot smoker. [awkward pause] Actually on second thought, I'll go you one further: I'm high right now

There. That wasn't so hard.

Now you go.