Ousting Michele Bachmann from Intelligence wasn't a no-brainer for Boehner

You probably shouldn't take the "Intelligence" in the Intelligence Committee literally...
You probably shouldn't take the "Intelligence" in the Intelligence Committee literally...

As we told you last month, during the run up to committee appointments for the new Congress, a petition was circulating to oust Rep. Michele Bachmann from the House Intelligence Committee.

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The petition ended up being signed by nearly 200,000 people. But it wasn't endorsed by the one person whose opinion really mattered -- Speaker of the House John Boehner.

From Salon:

Bachmann has now officially been re-appointed to her seat on the Houe Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. On Friday, House Republicans released their list of committee members for the nascent 113th Congress, and Bachmann's name is on it. The post gives her access to classified information and the power to oversee the country's intelligence agencies, including the use of drones and efforts to thwart Iran's nuclear program...

Why is Bachmann getting another round on a committee she probably has no business being on? We can't know for sure, but probably because immediate domestic political concern trumps foreign policy competence every time, especially if you're John Boehner.

In July, the National Review's Robert Costa reported that "many senior House GOP aides were wary of elevating" Bachmann to the Intel Committee at the time of her appointment, but "Boehner assured them that it was an appropriate gesture." After losing her presidential race, the seat was "a political lifeline" for Bachmann and it was all thanks to Boehner, Costa explained.

The uproar over the [Huma] Abedin affair threatened to undo all of that, but apparently was not enough. Either Boehner is scared of taking on Bachmann and her vast grassroots network of admirers, or he'd rather appease her and tap into that political power. Either way, he's choosing to keep her in a position of power over national security, despite calling her views "dangerous" only a few months ago.

It's comforting to learn the Speaker's priorities are in the right order!

Michele Bachmann, overseeing American drone strikes? That can't be a comfortable thought for Muslims living in Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Somalia.

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