Our Twitter, Our Selves: What @pawlenty says about the governor


Sometime in the past few weeks everybody stopped talking about Facebook and started talking about Twitter. The latest is our humble governor, Tim Pawlenty.

At first, I thought Pawlenty's newly launched Twitter was the work of a clever impersonator, like this fake Michele Bachmann account. I mean, would the governor really decorate his page with a giant "TPAW"--a nickname bestowed by snarky rivals?

Which makes it all the more stunning that it's in the genuine article, a real window in T-Paw's soul. So what do the tweets say about the man?

-- He has fully embraced the moniker TPAW, in all caps and italicized. It may be that he doesn't understand that it was meant to belittle him--like Michele Bachmann, he may think it's some cool hip hop slang that's part of the new GOP Michael Steele is bringing. Or maybe he is trying to disempower the nickname by embracing it. No matter what, it's weird.

-- KARE11 is his mouthpiece. So far he has linked to exactly one article, a KARE11 story entitled "Pawlenty promises vetoes, but Democrats push on." This suggests T-Paw is a guy who's trying to look tough losing.

-- He'll be celebrating his mother-in-law's 90th birthday this weekend and hopes to live that long.

-- He doesn't understand how colors work. First he couldn't get his tweets to show up, because he was putting white text on a white background. Currently, his name, followers, and other vital information in the righthand column is invisible because it's black ink on a black background.