Other CIM sites not publishing layoff statement


Before 10 a.m. this morning, Minnesota Independent posted the publisher's note from their parent company, Center for Independent Media. We reported it here.

But what about the other CIM sites? New Mexico Independent is the only other site that posted the note as of 11:40 a.m. What gives?

If you check out the five other CIM sites, New Mexico Independent is the only other site in the organization that posted the statement from David S. Bennahum, CIM's president and CEO. You can see their post here.

The note is nowhere to be found on the main CIM site.

Although the note tries to spin a positive image for the nationwide cut of reporters and freelancers at their local sites, the mysteriously non-existent message raises questions. The note says the cuts are part of a plan for a "more centralized editorial system to support the entire news network as it grows," but no one seems proud of it.

In the MNIndy comments section, readers are already speculating what this could mean for supposedly independent sites that could now come under a more central command in Washington, D.C.


Isn't it the responsibility of CIM and their sites to tell readers what is going on in their organization? Will this information actually reach the majority of readers who think they will continue reading an independent media site?