Ostrich and camels races at Canterbury Park Sunday

Ostrich and camels races at Canterbury Park Sunday

Watching horses race can get a little old, so Canterbury Park is mixing it up a little Sunday when it turns into a day of "Racing Gone Wild".

Instead of cheering on your favorite thoroughbred, you could be watching the most awkward animal races ever. Just imagine galloping camels and tumbling ostriches. It's Extreme Race Day at Canterbury and apparently it shouldn't be missed.

Canterbury Park, located in Shakopee, normally hosts horse races but Sunday they will put the reins on other creatures for a little bit of innocent fun. The traditional horse races might even get a little wild.

Gates open at noon and the first race starts at 1:30 p.m. Unfortunately there will be no betting on camels and ostriches. That kind of ruins the fun.

Visit the Canterbury site for more details.

Here is what you'll be in for:

And who can resist watching several ostriches tumble the second the gates open for the race?

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