Oscar Night giftbag: Thespians Kurt Rambis, Reggie Theus, and Bill Laimbeer


Between Timberwolves head coach Kurt Rambis and assistants Reggie Theus and Bill Laimbeer, the team bench has more acting credits than wins.  

With Oscar night this Sunday, the timing would seem appropriate to recognize that, should the Wolves proceed toward another sub-20 win season, at least this crew has a fallback career path.

Rambis no doubt made some Hollywood connections during a Lakers career that spanned parts of nine seasons as a player, along with about 15 years as an L.A. assistant coach, interim head and front-office suit. He'll never be confused with Kurt Russell, but during his lengthy Lakers tenure, Rambis appeared in a variety of silver and small screen roles, many of which were "Self" credited, although some were recurring, such as his portrayal of "Coach Jason Clearly" on the long-running 7th Heaven. ​

Like the Wolves' head coach, Theus is also a California native, and while his hardwood career never came close to matching the team successes enjoyed by Rambis, he had some of his finest NBA seasons playing in Sacramento and was well-reputed for catching the eyes of ladies in the '80s. Post his playing career, he segued to a lengthy spread of television work as both a broadcaster and actor before returning to coaching at the collegiate and pro levels. Most notable of his credits is surely the co-starring role as "Coach Bill Fuller"on NBC's Saturday-morning program Hang Time.

Heck, even Laimbeer has a host of acting credits to his name. Along with a number of "Self" appearances on the big screen, he also played one of the "Sleestaks" (as "William Laimbeer") on the cult-favorite '70s series Land of the Lost

Perhaps at some stage this leadership will start acting like winning coaches. But until that hope bears fruit, let us enjoy this Oscar homage to the Wolves' starring staff and take a look back at some of their finest performances:


Sweet Valley High episode "Club X" in 1994 as "Himself." 5:40 in:

Malcolm and Eddie episode "Trading Places" 1997 as "Matt Pelton." 50 sec in



Hang Time episode "Oh Captain, My Captain" as "Coach Bill Fuller," season 1


Hang Time episode "Let's Get Ready to Rumble", season 1. 3:00 min. in:


Hang Time episode "Winning Isn't Everything," season 2. 3:30 in:

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