Orrin Hager allegedly pulled AK-47 on kids who stole Halloween candy from his son

Next Halloween, be warned: You don't want to steal candy from this man's son (if he's not in prison then).
Next Halloween, be warned: You don't want to steal candy from this man's son (if he's not in prison then).

Orrin Hager of St. Louis Park faces up to seven years in prison for trying to exact some vigilante justice from kids who allegedly stole Halloween candy from his son.

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Just after 9 p.m. Halloween evening, police were responding to a shots-fired report when they came across a group of juvenile boys. The boys reported that they'd recently been accosted by a man who drove up on them and accused them of stealing candy from his child. He then pulled out a "long gun," prompting the juveniles to run away.

St. Louis Park Patch provides details about what happened from there:

The boys described the suspect as a white male with an Asian female passenger in his car, the same description of a driver who was stopped earlier in the evening for driving erratically. During that traffic stop, the driver, identified as Hager, told officers that he was looking for "older kids" who had stolen candy from his child.

Police went to Hager's home and found him "very eager" to talk to them. He told them that he was angry that someone had stolen candy from his child, so he got into his car - accompanied by his wife and two children - and went searching for the "kids" who were responsible for the theft, according to the complaint.

When he saw the group at 27th and Brunswick, he got out of his car to confront them, he told police. However, it appeared that none of them were taking him seriously and they were giving him "attitude," he said, so he pulled a gun from his car, the complaint says.

Hager told officers he briefly chased one of the fleeing juveniles, but then stopped his car and put the gun back in his trunk. He said he never fired the gun, which turned out to be true -- police determined the shots-fired report was unrelated to Hager's incident.

Nonetheless, Hager's been charged with second-degree assault with a firearm, which is a felony.

Makes you shudder to think about how he would've reacted had the juveniles really done something bad to his son, doesn't it?

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