Orlando Ray Vasquez and Gregory Scott Tyler arrested in Uptown TCF Bank heist

The FBI says Orlando Ray Vasquez, 40, of Nevada, and Gregory Scott Tyler, 49, are the two men behind the TCF Bank robbery in Uptown on Feb. 28.

The heist, in which Vasquez was caught on camera, led to a chaotic getaway in which the two suspects crashed their stolen getaway car at 24th and Bryant, and then carjacked a second vehicle at 24th and Colfax before vanishing.

Their take: a paltry $215.

Tyler was already a wanted man because he had cut off a monitoring device and absconded from a Volunteers of America halfway house two days before the robbery. He'd been in custody for a previous bank robbery of a TCF Bank branch in St. Paul. The FBI says he stole the getaway car, a four-door Acura, from the parking lot of the halfway house.

Vasquez had fled a halfway house in Nevada after being convicted of a previous bank robbery there.

U.S. Marshals caught up with the pair at the Highway Motel on West 7th Street in St. Paul yesterday, after they abandoned the carjacked vehicle in a parking lot. According to the FBI, both men fessed up on the spot. They're due in court today.

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