Openly gay Stephanie Woodruff miffed she didn't get Lavender's mayoral endorsement

Openly gay Stephanie Woodruff miffed she didn't get Lavender's mayoral endorsement

Last week, Lavender, an LGBT-focused magazine published in Minneapolis, came out with its 2013 city election endorsements.

The magazine endorsed Mark Andrew for mayor, writing:

Mayor of Minneapolis: Mark Andrew. He is the only real candidate with government and private sector experience who has common sense. (Betsy Hodges was one of the major pushers of taking over Excel Energy and have the city be responsible for your energy, a totally ludicrous $5 billion dollar debt position for the city).

Some commenters on Lavender's post are upset about that endorsement because they think it's too critical of Hodges's views about a possible municipal energy utility. But openly gay, Saran Wrap-loving darkhorse candidate Stephanie Woodruff is miffed because she thinks Minneapolis's leading LGBT publication shouldn't have overlooked her sexuality when making the choice.

Though there are 35 candidates on today's ballot, Woodruff appears to be one of just two who is openly gay (the other is one of the longest of the longshot candidates, Alicia Bennett).

In a conversation with City Pages, Woodruff -- an auditor who was appointed by Mayor Rybak to the city's Audit Committee and the Independence Party-endorsed candidate for mayor -- said that while Lavender did email her some LGBT-focused questions for an online profile, nobody from the magazine ever talked to her on the phone or informed her that the publication would eventually make an endorsement.

"I'm the only gay candidate in the race, so maybe the word 'endorsement' is used loosely," Woodruff said yesterday afternoon, at that point unaware of Bennett's sexual orientation.

"And I'm not saying I should get an endorsement because I'm gay," she continued. "But I represent the public that serves Lavender Magazine and have been out and open my entire career. As a trailblazer serving as the appointed official that I am... who the hell knows?"

But in a statement sent to City Pages, Lavender Media owner Stephen Rocheford said sexual orientation wasn't a factor when his magazine's editorial team was considering who to endorse.

Here's Rocheford's entire statement:

Fortunately very few GLBT candidates are under the impression that they should be entitled to the entire community's vote.

There are 35 candidates for mayor. Although many candidates came to our events, called on our phones to ask our endorsement, we did not interview any candidates formally. We evaluated what they put forth on their campaign web sites, or in literature, what they said publicly, or their levels of government/private sector employment history and experience.

Unfortunately for Stephanie Woodruff, sexual orientation was not a part of the criteria used for selecting endorsements.

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