Openly gay candidates win, lose elections

Incumbent state Rep. Karen Clark (DFL-Minneapolis) trounced her opponent, Republican Greg Dolce, in the Nov. 3 elections, winning 80 percent of the vote. Clark, who is openly lesbian and has served in the House for 18 years, says she's pleased with the outcome, but remains concerned that the new Republican majority in the House could mean tough sledding for gays and lesbians in the legislative session ahead. "Each year conservatives have tried to weaken our civil-rights bill," Clark says.


Bob Odden, an openly gay candidate running for the state auditor's office, garnered less than 3 percent of the statewide vote. Republican incumbent Judi Dutcher won the five-way race with 50 percent of the nearly 2 million votes cast. Odden, a Libertarian, placed fourth out of the five candidates.

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