Oops: Wisconsin state Web site shows Minneapolis skyline


The new Wisconsin campaign finance information Web site shows off a pretty amazing skyline if you ask us. The only problem is that it's the skyline of our one and only Minneapolis. Wisconsin, stop trying to make your state look good!

The site features a picture of the Madison state Capitol in front of the Minneapolis skyline. Please promptly remove and apologize to Minneapolis.

More from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

The board is paying Connecticut-based PCC Technology Group about $1 million to develop the new site. The board quietly unveiled it earlier this year as it rolls out its new system for tracking campaign fund raising and spending.

Tommy Winkler, an ethics specialist for the board, said PCC was using the image of the Minneapolis skyline as a placeholder while it searches for a copyright-free image of Madison's skyline. PCC did not return a phone call.

Jonathan Becker, director of the board's Ethics Division, joked the skyline was a "fanciful picture of what Madison may look like someday."

"It's nice, though, isn't it?" Becker said. "It looks like a nice place to live. It's the Emerald City."

At least these Wisconsinites have a wicked sense of humor about it. The compliments are quite flattering.