Oops! Timberwolves' new logo leaks in Star Tribune website ad

Karl-Anthony Towns posed next to (SPOILER ALERT!) the new Timberwolves logo.

Karl-Anthony Towns posed next to (SPOILER ALERT!) the new Timberwolves logo. NoBrakes58/Imgur

 From the looks of it, Glen Taylor's basketball team just got its new logo leaked with a prematurely placed advertisement ... on Glen Taylor's newspaper's website.

The Minnesota Timberwolves had been promoting the debut of a new logo at tonight's home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. It's "fan appreciation" night at the Target Center. 

The new wolf cartoon was supposed to be released at halftime -- probably as part of some big jazzy promo video, with loud music, mabye some smoke effects. All the fans in attendance were going to get free shirts with the brand upgrade on them. 

Instead? Some guy on the internet went to and saw a web ad for the T-Wolves, but with a drastically different logo image. He did what any normal guy on the internet would do, and shared it to Reddit.

Later, some other guy went and saw a different ad, this one featuring Wolves star Karl-Anthony Towns, and with the same wolf image. 



Uh... surprise! Don't forget to grab your free shirts on the way out!

This new wolf looks more authentically canid, and less monster-from-a-horror-flick than the old one, which was depicted hovering viciously above some Minnesota-like trees.

This one's just a pup howling at a green-colored North Star, and on first viewing, it looks like he might be a very good boy. 

Let's assume this logo leak has really pissed off a small group of people at the Star Tribune (which owns City Pages), the Timberwolves organization, or both. Really, though, aren't we all destined to someday be helplessly exposed in a Reddit thread?

At least in this case, reaction to the brand image seems largely positive. To have a leaked marketing move that people like is much better than a completely controlled launch that blows right up in your face.

Maybe whoever the Wolves hired could help Pepsi come up with a new logo?