Oops. Edina doctor removes good kidney, biopsied wrong organ


Cancer patient goes into surgery to remove bad kidney. Doctor takes the healthy one. Probably the worst nightmare for both of them.

Dr. Erol T. Uke, an Edina urologist, did just that. A few months later, he did a biopsy of a patient's pancreas when he was supposed to biopsy a kidney. Double whoops. Now the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice has indefinitely barred him from performing inpatient surgery.

Uke signed the ruling Saturday.

According to the Star Tribune, Uke did the surgery in the summer of 2008 at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park. He took out the wrong kidney because he was getting too many beeper calls and distracted by other patients when he made the mistake on the chart. He then didn't double check the radiologist's notes to ensure he was pulling out the correct kidney.

No word on what happened to the patient. A state report says the patient had another surgery at a different hospital to remove the original tumor and save that kidney remaining. The failed biopsy happened four months later. Uke has had a Minnesota doctor's license since 1982.

He can start doing inpatient surgeries again when the board decides he is "fit and competent to resume the performance of surgery," the Strib reports.