Only Virgins and Whores, Please

Bible gets interior makeover; the resulting fight is not so pretty

This weekend Mel Gibson?s The Passion of the Christ is being resurrected as a slightly less gory affair. But it?s the "anti-American secularists" (and their cohorts known as the British twits) who are getting crucified by the blogosphere this week for the minor changes they instituted to the New International Version of the Bible, which hit stores yesterday. The uproar? Christian conservatives say adding gender-inclusive language is proof that there are deep, dark forces at work. And they?re calling these evil forces the feminist agenda. But apparently their own agenda has clouded their ability to remember that since 1881, scores of new Bible translations have been updated and printed. Note one of the recent changes as reported in Telegraph:

Where the original read: "When God created Man, he made him in the likeness of God"; the new version says: "When God created human beings, he made them in the likeness of God."

According to the same article, Paige Patterson, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, says it?s an ?attempt to force egalitarian and even feminist perspective on readers.? (With a name like Paige, the guy should be all for a gender-neutral language.)

In other news regarding the dark, evil forces at work, Pat Buchanan says that Harvard President Larry Summers?s claim several weeks ago that women might be intellectually inferior to men in math and science is actually a good thing for America.

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