Only in Wisconsin: UW La Crosse names mascot after Stephen Colbert


The University of Wisconsin- La Crosse gave students the opportunity to vote on the name of their eagle mascot. And when you leave the decision up to college kids, you shouldn't be surprised when they overwhelmingly pick to name it "Colbert" after Comedy Central TV host Stephen Colbert.

This is either extremely cool or extremely lame depending on how you look at it. If the students thought this was their chance to get a brief mention on "The Colbert Report", they failed. A spokesman for Comedy Central said Colbert wouldn't comment. Unfortunately, their clever naming is an old and used idea. The Saginaw Spirit, a junior ice hockey team in Saginaw, Michigan, already did it and got a lot of fun press from Colbert on the naming. Now Colbert yawns.

More from the Associated Press:
More than 3,100 students participated in the vote, whose results were announced Friday. Colbert received 44 percent of the votes, followed by Ernie with 14 percent and Edgar and Screech with 11 percent each.
Colbert wasn't their first choice. The university originally picked Eddie, but the National Rifle Association said they had that name trademarked for their gun-safety mascot. Can you seriously trademark a mascot name? Especially when it's just called Eddie?