Only in Wisconsin: State has most cases of swine flu cases in nation


If all of the other stories we've presented to you about the horrors of Wisconsin didn't scare you away from our neighboring state, perhaps this will. Somehow Wisconsin has the most cases of swine flu in the United States. Steer clear of the oinking Wisconsinites.

The H1N1 flu virus, which is the more PC name for the outbreak, became one of the most over-hyped scares in recent memory. But here's a little more fear mongering for the heck of it.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wisconsin has 1,430 confirmed cases of H1N1. Texas came in second with 1,403 cases.

The CDC has reported 8,975 of swine flu nationwide. The cases in Wisconsin have been pretty mild, and Wisconsin health officials say the high number of cases comes from the state's ability to test cases.