Only in Wisconsin: Pet killer gets jail time, baggie swallower dies

If you thought Wisconsin had cured itself of all things weird lately, you were wrong. We were just waiting for the perfect roundup of the state's most shameful residents.

Pet killer gets jail time

The 34-year-old man who shot and killed six family pets in front of children will serve nine months in jail and then do some volunteer with small critters. He killed four cats and two dogs last January after a wild night of drinking. Don't we all want to go on a pet shooting spree when we've tossed a couple back? He even told one of the kids to clean up the mess.

Baggie swallower dies

A Madison woman who tried to swallow two baggies during a traffic stop has died after being taken off life support. The baggies contained an unidentified substance believed to be drugs. The woman passed out shortly after and police were only able to receive one baggie from her throat before paramedics arrived.

Wisconsin student drafts 'hit list'

A junior high school student in Manitowoc has been suspended after he was busted drafting a "kill/hit list" including 18 students. A teacher caught him working on it at school. Not smart.

Weird man enters unlocked lady's dorm rooms

A man was arrested early Wednesday morning after entering eight unlocked rooms of female residents in Witte Hall on the campus of the University of Wisconsin.