Only in Wisconsin: Person in gorilla suit tries to swipe fake bananas

There's a gorilla on the loose in Wisconsin and it's hungry for bananas. A person dressed as a gorilla tried to steal giant fake bananas at two Kwik Trips in Fond du Lac last month. No one knows the motive in the case, but the stuffed toys seemed to be a wanted item as the gorilla tried twice to get away with them.

Check out what other psycho Wisconsinites are up to below.

Parents accused of selling their newborn

"David Schmidt, 38, and Angela Schmidt, 33, allegedly sold their infant girl to a Missouri woman for about $5,500 shortly after Angela Schmidt gave birth at Aurora Medical Center in Hartford Dec. 20, 2004." Need we say more?

Man pleads no-contest to charges of kidnapping, sexually assaulting young men

The man allegedly tried to find men who were out for a night of drinking and then abducted two men on separate nights. They were handcuffed, blindfolded, and taken back to his home where he chained them up and sexually assaulted them.

Man guilty of hate crimes against lesbian

A jury deliberated about four hours before finding Dustan Warren of Hudson, guilty of attacking a lesbian woman, who resisted his sexual advances. The woman testified Warren punched her in the face, held her at knife point, and threatened to rape and kill her, while making obscene comments about her sexual orientation.

More women infected with HIV

Women are the fastest growing segment of Wisconsin's population that are becoming infected with the HIV virus. Yikes.