Only in Wisconsin: Mom allegedly helped son burn his girlfriend's corpse

Let's talk about family values, folks. Nothing says family love like helping one another dispose a corpse when times are tough.


A Wisconsin mom is accused of helping her 36-year-old son dispose of his girlfriend's body after he strangled her to death. She is jailed and charged with assisting a felon and helping mutilate a corpse.

The son, mother and a friend allegedly transported her body to the friend's property where they burned the corpse and poured the ashes into a frozen lake.

Brandon Mueller is expected to be charged with murder by Thursday. His mother, Nancy Pinno, 53, and his friend, Donald Worth, 48, could face up to 17 years in prison and a $45,000 fine. Both are from Fond du Lac.

Investigators connected the two to the crime after they found bone fragments and a burn barrel on Worth's property.

Mueller allegedly strangled his 28-year-old girlfriend, Renee Redmer, to death in January, authorities say. Redmer was the mother of a 21-month-old daughter. She was reported missing Jan. 13 by her mother who said she hadn't seen her in eight days.

More from the Associated Press:

During an interview with investigators, Mueller's friend, Terry Wasserman, said Mueller told him that he "finally did it" after killing Redmer in his mother's bedroom and stuffing her body into a cooler in the garage.

Wasserman, who said the couple's relationship was contentious and lasted only a few weeks, said his own girlfriend began spreading the story. He was soon confronted by Mueller, who "indicated that now that people know, he needs to get rid of the body," the criminal complaint said.

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