Only in Wisconsin: Man attacked for awful karaoke performance


You thought your painfully bad and drunken rendition of "I Will Survive" would only lead to a couple boos and eternal embarrassment from your buddies. Think again.

You might get your ass kicked too.

A Roberts, Wis. man has been sentenced to 60 days in jail after he attacked a man because of her horrific karaoke performance.

And get this: His name is Kyle Drinkwine. This can't be real. The judge also put him on three years probation and wait for it... he can't drink wine (or any other booze of course).

The incident happened at a River Falls tavern on Election Day. Police responded to a report of two men fighting outside. One of the men said he "had been singing karaoke that night at another bar and Drinkwine criticized his singing ability," according to the Associated Press.

After the two argued over the man's painful vibrato, the wanna-be American Idol judge followed the singer to his next bar where he attacked him. Thank you once again Wisconsin for making life in Minnesota worth living.