Only in Wisconsin: Man accused of digging up dead woman for sex goes on trial


If you're wondering what made us so freaked out by Wisconsinites and their horrifying habits, this story pretty much sums it up. Nothing beats digging up hot dead girls to have sex with them.

Nicholas Grunke, 23, his twin brother and their friend, are accused of attempting to dig up a 20-year-old woman who died in a motorcycle crash so they could have sex with her in 2006. The men were busted at the cemetery with a van transporting shovels, a tarp, duct tape, a wrecking bar, and a box of condoms.

In a last-ditch effort to prove this man's innocence, his lawyer paints a tale that could be considered just as creepy as their alleged plan.

Grunke's attorney is trying to paint him as a virgin so pathetically shy and desperately hoping to have a girlfriend. His attorney, Suzanne Edwards said when the woman died in 2006, Grunke had no intentions of having sex with her dead body. He just wanted to pose with her in a "non-sexual way," according to the Associated Press.

Right. Now we're supposed to feel some sympathy for the man? Doubtful.

When a 20-year-old woman died in a 2006 motorcycle crash, Edwards says Grunke wanted to "set up a little fairy-tale scenario." Grunke is accused of attempted third-degree sexual assault, attempted criminal damage to a cemetery and attempted misdemeanor theft.
The prosecutor says that Grunke wanted to have sex with the body. Unfortunately lower courts dismissed the attempted third-degree sexual assault charges because Wisconsin doesn't have a law making necrophilia a crime.

And what makes this story even more disturbing? This wasn't just one weirdo with some frightening sex plan. He had two others with him who apparently thought this idea was OK too.


What's in the water there?