Only in Wisconsin: Crying baby? Just slap it.

When a Chippewa Falls woman couldn't get the baby she was watching to stop crying, she did the thing any logical person would do: She slapped the 14-month-old. How does she pay for this? She has to do 100 hours of community service, take anger management and parenting classes, and not contact the family of the victim. But she gets to keep her own children. Great.

Man accused of stalking woman with GPS

An Onalaska, Wis., man is accused of stalking a woman by placing a GPS device on her car that sent text messages about her location. La Crosse police found the GPS locator under the rear bumper of the woman's vehicle. Perhaps he got the idea from Wisconsin police who can legally track cars of suspects with GPS devices placed on their cars?

Wisconsinites bring grub, guns to picnic

About 200 people showed up for a picnic in La Crosse County to promote carrying firearms. The picnic was organized to show that people who carry guns aren't scary people. They are just human beings living in constant fear of everyone around them.

'Prayer death' mother gets jolt from God

WAUSAU, Wis. -- A Weston woman, accused of praying instead of seeking medical attention for her dying daughter, suffered a medical emergency as her homicide trial got under way today but appeared OK about 30 minutes later.

Deer have feelings too

WAUPACA, Wis. -- A Waupaca County judge has ruled deer are protected under the state's animal cruelty statutes. The ruling Tuesday is detrimental to the case of three men accused of running down and killing a group of deer with their snowmobiles.