Only in Wisconsin: Blind man sees, gets busted for exposing his junk


When Renay Poirier regained his sight after losing it a decade before in a work accident, he said his renewed sight was an act of God. We don't think God would really appreciate his new alleged drive-by penis flashing hobby.

An Eau Claire man who got national attention in 2000 when he inexplicably regained his eyesight now has been charged with exposing himself as he drove by a woman walking her dog. Poirier, 49, has been charged with one count of lewd and lascivious behavior.

According to police, a woman called after seeing a man penis flash as he drove through town June 2. She couldn't write down the license plate number because it was covered with duct tape and the man had a grey hooded sweatshirt covering his face.

Police pulled over a car matching the description the woman gave and police found a similar sweatshirt in the man's trunk.

When police started questioning him, things got weird. His reason for driving around town changed several times. When they asked him about the penis flash, he said it was a big misunderstanding. He was simply holding a sex toy with a tan sheet on it. He never explained why his license plate was covered.

Silly guy. Maybe he should be more careful about pulling out that sex toy while driving.