Only in Minnesota: House will be moved across frozen lake

Only in Minnesota: House will be moved across frozen lake
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Why waste the time moving a house on roads? That's so last year. It's much easier to just slide it across a frozen lake. 

At least someone is going to try it. We're surprised any company would actually insure such a move. The 60-ton house will be moved across White Bear Lake this morning. The home is a two-story, three-bedroom two-bathroom structure.

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The plan is for the two-story home to leave White Bear Lake's Manitou Island on dollies with 64 tires and be winched across the 100-yard-wide channel to Matoska Park, said Terry Semple of Semple Building Movers of St. Paul. 
The home, owned by Doug Kraemer, is leaving the island to make way for new housing development, Semple said. From there, it will be relocated just a couple of blocks west of the channel.

The lake has an estimated 24 inches of ice, and movers say the dollies will spread out the weight to keep the house from crashing through. 

We hope the movers saw this cautionary tale yesterday about a dump truck falling through the ice on Lake Minnetonka. Yikes.

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