Only English in Lino Lakes please, but not "English-only"

George Orwell is LOLing in his grave.

The man who authored the new ordinance in Lino Lakes restricting the list of languages the city government could use to communicate with citizens to English only says we shouldn't call it English-only.


MPR got a hold of an e-mail exchange between Roeser, the city counselor who pushed through the resolution, and Ivy Cavegn, a Lino Lakes resident who was opposed to it.

"You're [sic] labeling of this issue as 'English Only' is incorrect and is a loaded term," Roeser told Cavegn. "It is divisive and can be upsetting to people."

Roeser, clearly a man with a delicate sensitivity to what people find divisive and upsetting, would prefer that the new requirement be termed, "Official English."

He says he drafted the resolution to prevent the government from squandering public funds translating official documents into other languages. Before the ordinance passed, Lino Lakes was hemorrhaging ... uh ... exactly zero dollars a year to such polyglot wastefulness.

The ordinance prompted a protest in Lino Lakes last week, where participants reminded their neighbors that previous waves of Scandinavian and German immigrants held on to their native languages for generations before adopting English.

How about a compromise, then: "Official English Only?"

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