Only 1 in 4 Minnesotans think Coleman should appeal to Supreme Court, poll says


Day after day, more Minnesotans are becoming fed up with the never ending battle for Minnesota's U.S. Senate seat. It's so bad in fact that many of the people who voted for Norm Coleman in the general election would hope he just gives up if he loses to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

According to a new Survey USA poll for KSTP, only 27 percent of Minnesotans surveyed thought Coleman should appeal. About 70 percent think he should concede at that point. Last month, the Star Tribune Minnesota Poll reported that 2/3 of Minnesotans wanted Coleman to concede.

The survey has a nice set of other interesting tidbits, including a look at Minnesota's opinion of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's future as governor and the approval of the Minnesota legislature. Check it out below.

Some of the other interesting findings:

Q: Should Governor Pawlenty run for a third term in 2010?

A: Yes 41% No 57%

Q: Do you approve or disapprove of the job being done by the Minnesota state legislature?

A: Approve 26% Disapprove 64%

Q: Should the Minnesota budget be balanced primarily through budget cuts? Tax increases? A combination of budget cuts and tax increases? Or a combination of budget cuts and state gambling revenue?

A: Budget Cuts 18% Tax Increases 7% Cuts / Increase Combo 30% Cuts / Gambling Revenue Combo 40%

Q: If taxes were increased, which one proposal would be most fair? Increasing taxes for the wealthy only? Increasing taxes for all income levels? Extending the state sales tax to include clothing? Increasing the tax on cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol? Imposing a tax on internet downloads of music and movies? Or something else?

A: Increase Wealthy Only 34% Increase All Levels 19% Extend Sales Tax 11% Increase Tobacco / Alcohol 23% Impose On Downloads 4% Other 6%

Q: When it comes to spending, what should be the top priority for the legislature and Governor? Education? The environment and natural resources? Health and Human services? Public Safety? Or something else?

A: Education 33% Environment 13% Health And Human Services, 33% Public Safety 8% Other 8%

Q: What rights do you think same-sex couples should have for legal recognition of their unions?

A: No Right 34% Civil Unions 35% Marriage 29% For more results from the survey, check it out here.