One of the YouTube assault perps already on probation for robbery

One of the suspects in the now-infamous YouTube ambush video has a damning--but not totally surprising--blemish on his criminal record.

Mohamed Abdi, 19, was convicted in April of second-degree robbery. The conviction came after Abdi, along with two of his cohorts, accosted two people walking along St. Paul's Summit Ave.. Pointing a "BB-pellet pistol" in their faces, Abdi robbed the couple, according to a police complaint.


Meanwhile, at least three victims have contacted police with their stories. St. Paul resident Dr. Paul Dickinson, a 71-year-old gastroenterologist, was tackled from behind as he strolled along Grand Avenue. Unable to break his fall, Dickinson landed on his face, suffering a swollen lip and a scrape across his face as a result. Embarrassed and unable to identify his attackers, he declined to alert authorities.

But that changed after the YouTube video surfaced. From the PiPress:

Dickinson's son soon saw a YouTube video that showed 12 instances of young men pushing, shoving and confronting unsuspecting pedestrians, joggers, bicyclists and children

Dickinson said his son called him and said, "This is probably what happened to you."

So Dickinson contacted police Tuesday, and now police suspect he and two others were victims of the same assailants. Police have confirmed one of the assaults appeared on the video, said Sgt. Paul Schnell, police spokesman.

Two arrests have been made so far: Abdi and a 17-year-old Johnson Senior High School student. The duo is being held in the Ramsey County jail and juvenile detention center. No charges have yet been filed.

Stay tuned.