One moose and two drivers leave a big mess

The moose: majestic, mysterious and not so good at sticking to the crosswalk.
The moose: majestic, mysterious and not so good at sticking to the crosswalk.

Two motorists found out the hard way that while the mighty moose may be strong, the animals are not nimble. Nor are they particularly street smart.

Dark had already fallen when Cody Abdo was cruising southbound in an SUV pulling a boat down Highway 32. He and his buddies were returning from a fishing trip in Polk County when they rounded a curve and their headlights illuminated a large moose crossing the road. The weekend took a definite turn for the worse.

Abdo's SUV slammed straight into the animal.

Abdo says he tried to swerve but that the beast "took up the whole road." After it had cleared the windshield and flew over the car's roof -- missing the boat somehow -- the SUV itself flipped over and crashed.

But that wasn't enough to fell the mighty moose. As it tried to pick its head back up a second vehicle, this one a Subaru Outback, rounded the corner. It also slammed into the animal, blew a tire and spun out of the road into a ditch.

Only then did the poor dumb animal meet its maker.

"We hear guys in here telling stories, but this is a rare occurrence," says Lt. Eric Roeske with the State Patrol. He estimates he hears about a moose-related crash once a year, if that.

It has, however, already been open season on wandering black cows in Minnesota.

We are smack dab in the middle of moose mating season, so perhaps it was thinking with something other than its head? Then again, Abdo says he thought the dearly departed moose was female.

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