One Minn. Supreme Court justice donated to Wellstone

Yesterday we posted on the reports that one of the Minnesota Supreme Court justices was also a donor to Norm Coleman's campaign. Justice Christopher J. Dietzen has twice donated $250 to Coleman's campaign.

But there is another justice that has a background as a political donor. Justice Helen Meyer gave to Coleman's opponent, former Sen. Paul Wellstone.

Are these prior donations enough to have the justices recuse themselves from hearing Coleman's appeal?

Meyer gave $1,000 to Wellstone in 2001. She was named to the court by Gov. Jesse Ventura in 2002.

Coleman responded to the issues raised by the judge's pasts as political donors in the Star Tribune:

In an interview with the Star Tribune on Monday before the ruling in his election lawsuit was released, Coleman said that donations Dietzen made five years ago should not disqualify him. "I presume every one of the judges also voted, so you'd then disqualify them?" Coleman said. "I presume they have the integrity to put all that aside."
Chief Justice Eric Magnuson and Justice G. Barry Anderson recused themselves from any higher court opinions after serving on the state Canvassing Board.