One arrested after viral video attack on disabled juvenile outside Target


A 16-year-old suspect was charged with assault and riot for his role in the viral video outside a Crystal, Minnesota Target. Facebook

A few Twin Cities teenagers are learning a lesson about internet justice. 

One of the four juveiles involved in an "unprovoked" attack on a disabled juvenile outside a Crystal, Minnesota Target recorded the whole thing on a cell phone, and later determined the video was worthy of posting to Facebook.

That occurred on Saturday morning. By Monday, the disturbing video -- which features a teenage boy intimidating, slapping, and kicking a victim -- had gone wildly viral.

"Do you want to fight me?" he asks the victim who is seen standing against a wall with headphones on. 

"I don't know you," the victim says back. 

The bully replies that the victim had been "talking shit about [him]," before the video cuts to him  stepping up to the victim and slapping him in the face. 

"Don't fucking touch me, bro," the victim says.

After another cut, the boy's seen turning a corner and walking away from his tormenters. The lead bully chases after him and delivers a running kick that leaves the victim on the ground. This, the group find hilarious.

Whichever of them uploaded it to Facebook later thought better of that, but not before millions of people had viewed it, including the victim's mother and, later, the Crystal Police Department. 

On Tuesday morning, the police issued an update on the case, saying a 16-year-old suspect had been arrested and charged with third-degree riot and fifth-degree assault. That assault charge (the lowest on the books in Minnesota) can be assessed as either a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor; the riot charge is a gross misdemeanor. 

The arrested juvenile lives in Columbia Heights, and Crystal cops say the three other young suspects "reside in the metropolitan area." Those accomplices are "being interviewed" by police investigators, according to the statement, though none has been charged yet.

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