Olok Nykew pulls a Paul Ryan, runs Sioux Falls "marathon" in record time

Who needs the Paul Ryan Time Calculator when you can just make up your own course?
Who needs the Paul Ryan Time Calculator when you can just make up your own course?

-- Paul Ryan trained for three weeks, ran Grandma's Marathon "on a whim"
-- The Paul Ryan Time Calculator will turn you into a world-class runner, just like him
-- Mark Dayton rips Paul Ryan for fudging Grandma's Marathon time... by over an hour

There's more than one way to skin a cat. Want to claim a world-class marathon time without actually running a world class marathon? You can pull a Paul Ryan and just make shit up, or you can pull an Olok Nykew and create your own shorter "marathon" route.

Nykew, a 37-year-old St. Paul resident, was initially thought to have won yesterday's Sioux Falls Marathon with a blistering course-record time. Turns out he actually showed up late, got confused about the course, and actually ran a half-marathon.

From the Sioux Fall Argus Leader:

Nykew first received cheers as the winner, but the glory was brief and misplaced.

"He registered for the marathon and ended up running the half and came in 25 minutes before the record. They figured it out and disqualified him," said Jason Richards, project director for the Sioux Falls Sports Authority and assistant race director for the marathon...

Nykew and other runners of the full marathon were wearing black identification numbers, while half-marathoners had red numerals. That set Nykew apart from half-marathoners who were finishing at the same time as he did... The two races followed separate but sometimes overlapping routes through the city before ending at the same finish line near 49th Street and Oxbow Avenue.

Olok was initially as confused about his apparently victory as race organizers.

"Maybe I'm lost, I don't know," he told the Argus Leader after crossing the finish line following just over two hours of running.

Once the confusion had been cleared up, Nykew said he wasn't trying to Paul Ryan anyone.

"When I got there I thought it was not long enough. I'm thinking I'm not cheating. I was just confused. It was an honest mistake," he said.

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