Olivia Munn, ex-girlfriend of Aaron Rodgers, expertly trolls Packers fans [PHOTO]

Olivia Munn posed for a photo with Nick Swardson, who just happened to be wearing a bunch of Minnesota stuff at the time.

Olivia Munn posed for a photo with Nick Swardson, who just happened to be wearing a bunch of Minnesota stuff at the time. Nick Swardson Twitter

Comedian, actor, and hardcore Minnesota Vikings fan Nick Swardson is never going to score a single point for the Vikings. 

Not on the field. Off the field, Swardson just pulled off a trick play that should be worth like 15,000 yards and hundreds of points, as long as he's not penalized for unnecessary roughness to another team's fanbase.

On Wednesday, Swardson posted a photo of himself and the actress Olivia Munn on the set of a movie they're filming in Canada. This is cool enough already: Swardson looks at the camera with a dumb expression, a condition perhaps induced by proximity to Munn, who shows off her sultriest, finger-to-lips look.

If you can peel your eyes off Ms. Munn for a second, you'll notice Swardson is looking very Minnesota in this shot, sporting a Prince T-shirt ... and a Minnesota Vikings hat. That, for the Minnesota sports fan, is what elevates this from a selfie with a pretty actress to an act that should make both Swardson and Munn first-ballot members in the Twitter Trolling Hall of Fame.

Munn, you'll recall, was the girlfriend of Green Bay Pakcers quarterback (and infamous cheese hater!) Aaron Rodgers for several years before the two called it quits earlier this year. During their relationship, Munn was often spotted at Packers games or wearing Packers gear. 

Packers fans at first embraced their real live celebrity fan. Then, inevitably, they turned on Munn, blaming her and all of her sex-having for a slump Rodgers endured in 2015. (Remember, we're talking about people who happily call themselves "cheeseheads.")

With Munn and Rodgers done, that might mean she's a free agent as a fan. This was certainly the implication from Swardson, and from the Vikings, who wisely got in on the act, inviting Munn to attend a game at U.S. Bank Stadium. 

Actresses don't just show up in flyover country for football games unless they've got a pretty good reason, like dating a star player. Or maybe, just maybe, getting back at thousands of rabid idiots who were ready to burn you at the stake when they thought sleeping with you meant some guy couldn't throw straight.