Ole Hovde challenges DFL Rep. Phyllis Kahn to another round for House seat

Ole Hovde, 2009 University of Minnesota alumnus and self-proclaimed "man on a mission," will take another run at Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, for her House seat.

Hovde's campaign manager isn't exactly brimming with confidence that the young Republican will see a victory this time around.

From the Minnesota Daily:

Hovde's campaign manager and second-year University political science student Andrew Wagner said that while the odds are against them, he believes Hovde has "as good of a shot as any."

"It's still a long shot, but I think we can get pretty close," Wagner said.

While Hovde didn't quite make our list of up-and-coming Republican stars, he might be well on his way.

Hovde first made a move for Kahn's District 59B seat in 2008, then as a junior political science major at the University of Minnesota. His platform was then, as it appears to be now, that he is more in touch with the student community than Kahn - who has held the seat for twice as long as Hovde has been alive - and is more qualified to make decisions for a district that encompasses a big chunk of the University of Minnesota.

Kahn pummeled Hovde in the 2008 election, winning by more than 40 percent of the vote. Based on the Daily article, Kahn doesn't seem concerned about going another round.

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