Olde English essay: Letters to the Editor

Readers respond to "Plagiarism, Inc."

This is one of the funnier articles I've read outside of The Onion. This guy sounds like a huge douchebag, but I guess there aren't any laws against that. Any idiot who is willing to do business with him and risk getting caught or ending up without a paper they were promised deserves it. Of course the teaching assistants who grade the papers probably have no idea, so the chances of getting caught are pretty slim, especially if it's an original work. Again, thanks for this article. It was definitely amusing.


My issue with students writing papers for other individuals is the impact it will have on the job market. Students who do not do their own research may run into issues when they look for a job. The comparison to strip clubs is moot. The stripper is providing entertainment, not substituting their lives in place of the customer's spouse. Think of it this way: Would you rather have a doctor who never did his own research operate on you over the doctor who actually did the work himself? I certainly wouldn't.


I think the root cause of this situation would be something along the lines of lazy students wanting something for nothing. There is no educational environment that justifies academic fraud.


I have experienced nothing but problems dealing with Kavoosi. I can own up to the fact that, yes, I myself should have been writing my paper, but I was in a jam and I needed help. I then found his "business" online and decided I would try it out (dumb, very dumb, on my behalf). I gave him all the details and criteria for the paper, giving him no reason not to return to me a profound essay from the "educated" personnel working for him. Instead I received no paper at all.

I had already paid for the essay, so this was not a matter I was going to just let go because quite frankly, it's expensive and I don't have money growing in my backyard. I sent numerous emails, which were left unattended to, and finally after about an hour of calling I got through to customer service. In the background I could hear what seemed to be an office party: loud, drunk, belligerent fools babbling and the owner, Jordan Kavoosi, slurring his words and speaking to me in a completely unprofessional manner.

At that point I asked myself, "What respected businessman holds office parties for minors, serving them alcohol and letting then run around and scream like banshees?" I then knew that I had made an awful mistake. When I spoke of my situation, Jordan said, "No problem. I'll call one of my writers and it will be in your inbox first thing tomorrow morning along with a refund for the late essay."

Irritable, I accepted the offer and went to bed. The next morning I awoke to find my inbox empty—no refund, no paper. I immediately placed a call to the company, and Jordan said he had just spoken with the writer and they would be sending it to me in a matter of minutes.

Soon enough my essay had come. I proofread it, and it was as if a 12-year-old had written my paper on the female body. When I called to ask who had written this horrid trash he called a "grade A" paper he responded that it was none of my business, I had my paper so I could be on my way. He then hung up the phone.

Well, clever me, the employee had emailed me from their address so I shot them an email quickly and within 10 minutes I had a response...it was a high school student, just trying to make some extra cash. Now, I can't slander the student because it wasn't their fault, but how could Kavoosi even think it would be all right to have a high school senior writing a paper for my college anatomy class? To this day it boggles my mind, as does the fact that my refund never appeared. All I got from using this business was a late grade with a big fat F.

Thanks, Jordan Kavoosi. I support anybody trying to take his business from him. He has clearly proven to be immature, irresponsible, and unprofessional. So fire up the bandwagon, folks, and let's get our money back!

Sam Jones
Brooklyn Park

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