Old Stewart Mills Facebook posts are just as bro-tastic as you'd expect

Stewart Mills probably won't be posting jokes about blowjobs while running for Congress.

Stewart Mills probably won't be posting jokes about blowjobs while running for Congress.

Who would have thought Stewart Mills fancied himself a comedian before venturing into the humorless world of congressional politics?

The Mills Fleet Farm scion, who's challenging DFL U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan a second time for Minnesota's Iron Range seat, cranked out his brand of conservative bro-humor on Facebook pretty regularly back before he was running for political office. A review of old posts on social media finds Mills making flippant references to battered women, his own laziness, and the health benefits of women swallowing after oral sex, among other topics most politicians would happily avoid.

In 2011, after posting a video depicting himself at a shooting range, Mills wrote about how his father, Stewart Mills Jr., was "still going strong" at Mills Fleet Farm, leaving the younger Mills "plenty of time to be 'Peter Pan' and go play in Never-land."

The following summer Mills' idea of fun was telling women they should swallow semen. In late August 2012 he shared a link on Facebook, which featured an article saying swallowing during oral sex was good for women's health and helped fight depression.

Another Facebooker suggested women having unprotected sex are probably in committed relationships, so maybe that's why they're less prone to depression.

Mills answered tongue-in-cheek, hinting that the whole research project was his idea.

Another post reveals that Mills is a fan of "Nordic horror," at least when it involves nude women ... who have a tail.

The most troubling post in our trove comes from back in 2009. A buddy asks Mills "What's happenin," to which Mills answers, bragging, that he's playing around on Facebook while his "wife is taking care of the kids an [sic] making me dinner."

He also makes what seems like a joking reference to participating, against his will, in a charity walk for a battered women's shelter.

The Facebook friend-only posts certainly don't jibe with the public version of Mills who's asking voters to send him to Washington, D.C. to represent their interests.  

Sexist slacker isn't even a distant cousin to the "Husband, father, job creator, and someone willing to get off the sidelines to preserve American opportunity" Mills styles himself as on Twitter.

And jokes about women as subservient sexual tools don't look good for the candidate who, while first challenging Nolan in 2014, touted his support for mothers experiencing unexpected pregnancies, saying, "We must protect the most vulnerable among us." That message came on Mills' official campaign Facebook page, where followers will find Mills a more thoughtful, sensitive character than he was a few years ago, when only his close friends were reading.

City Pages' repeated messages for Mills seeking comment went unreturned.