Old People Love the Wii

When Prior Lake’s Senior Center opened six months ago, planners were careful not to pigeon hole the project as a place just for the old and gray. "Club Prior" as it is called was set up for the entire community, young and old.

Keeping up with its trendy namesake city planners have been trying since April to host after hours teen nights with little success, says Angie Barstad, Recreational Coordinator for the City.

Apparently, Prior Lake tweens have been more interested in text messaging then community gathering, inhibiting the center from living up to its goal for successful intergenerational programming.

Perhaps a senior versus teen Wii competition is in order?

Other than watching polka on the television, the Wii is a favorite pastime for the club's older guests, Barstad says. The seniors, not the teens, were the driving force behind bringing the video game console to the center. A senior task force directed to come up with programming demanded the Wii, she says.

"They play Wii Sports for hours. They love the bowling because there are no heavy bowling balls and the tennis. We’re looking into getting them the Wii Fit."

The center applauded our idea for a knuckle-breaking feat to determine which generation is better at the technology that puts the original Nintendo to shame. Maybe in the future, Barstad adds.

"It would be funny to see who beats who," she continues. "There’s some games where the teens would really get a run for their money."

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