Old Hondas are hot items for Minneapolis car thieves

A Japanese classic -- the 1995 Honda Accord.
A Japanese classic -- the 1995 Honda Accord.

If you're like me and drive an old Honda, you might be inclined to believe nobody in their right mind would be especially interested in stealing a car manufactured before the internet was a thing. (Sure, technically it existed... you know what we mean.)

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But you'd be wrong. Because according to a crime prevention specialist, north Minneapolis old-school Honda owners have been victimized by a rash of thefts targeting them in recent weeks.

From a release distributed by a 4th Precinct crime prevention specialist:

There were twelve auto thefts in the 4th Precinct from 2-18-24 to 2-24-14. Ten of the vehicles stolen were Hondas. Seven of these Hondas were Civics, two were Accords and two were CRVs. The model years were mostly 1995 to 1998. These vehicles were stolen in a geographic area from Lowry Ave N to 53rd Ave N from Bryant Ave N to Queen Ave N. None of these vehicles was stolen while running with the key in the ignition, even though at times this is a common "winter trend". It appears that these Hondas were stolen using a "shaved key method". Most of these vehicles were stolen between 8:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

Certain makes and models of vehicles are especially vulnerable to being stolen with shaved keys, particularly older model Hondas. A shaved key is a car key which has been modified by a car thief to work in a variety of different ignition locks. It is a fairly common technique, especially among car thieves who specialize in older model Hondas. If you drive such a vehicle, your car is particularly vulnerable to auto theft.

Then again, the way my sad Honda is looking these days, I'm almost inclined to say that if a thief wants it, all yours.

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