Oklahoma Republican calls Al Franken "clown from Minnesota"

Jim Mountain Inhofe, (R-Oklahoma)

Jim Mountain Inhofe, (R-Oklahoma)

Not one day into his job and Senator Al Franken is already a lightning rod for criticism for the increasingly desperate ranks of the GOP.

Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma ... yes, Oklahoma) called Franken a "clown from Minnesota" according to the Tulsa World. Inhofe made the remarks in reference to the Democrats having a super majority, and what that would mean for the climate change bill.

"I'll tell you what a lot of people are thinking, and that is it looks like things are going to be over and we are going to get the clown from Minnesota,'' he said. "They are not going to get more than 35 votes.''

Inhofe later apologized--and in the process rubbed salt in the wounds.

"I didn't mean to be disrespectful. I don't know the guy, but ... for a living he is a clown,'' the senator said. "That's what he does for a living.''

Who this clod? Well, his middle name is "Mountain" and he's among the formost global warning skeptics in the Senate.