O.J. Simpson's ex-girlfriend busted stealing prescription meds from elderly Moorhead man

It's been a long, hard fall for O.J. Simpson -- from NFL superstar to accused murderer to being sentenced to 33 years in prison for armed robbery.

Apparently, one of his ex-girlfriends is experiencing a long, hard fall of her own. Yesterday, Christie Prody, Simpson's girlfriend of 13 years, was charged with two counts of second-degree burglary, two counts of theft, and two counts of fifth-degree drug possession after she was busted stealing prescription pills from an elderly Moorhead man.

Prody, 37, worked as a nurse's aide for the elderly man. She was caught taking the pills on a camera the man had installed after a January incident where 300 Oxycodone tablets mysteriously disappeared from the home he shares with his wife.

Prody had just started working in the home at the time of the January incident and denied taking the pills. But her elderly employer and his wife weren't convinced, and decided to install a surveillance camera in hopes of determining who was responsible for the prescription med swiping if it happened again.

From The Jamestown Sun:

Prody dated Juice for 13 years following O.J.'s acquittal on murder charges.
Prody dated Juice for 13 years following O.J.'s acquittal on murder charges.

On Friday, the couple reported to police that after returning home from church that afternoon, they again discovered that some of the man's medication was missing, this time a number of morphine and lorazepam pills.

Footage from the surveillance camera allegedly shows Prody stealing the morphine, as well as opening a bottle of lorazepam and putting a number of pills in her mouth before leaving the home, documents state.

When confronted with the video, Prody admitted to taking the medication and told investigators she did so because she is addicted to prescription pills, police allege in court records.

It's a sad story. But then again, it's not too surprising that someone who spent more than a decade dating O.J. post-Nicole would need drugs to cope. Prody, unfortunately for her, just picked the wrong elderly couple to mess with in hopes of getting her fix.

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