Officer who shot Fong Lee fired


Footage of the Fong Lee shooting in 2006 Jason Anderson, the officer who shot and killed Fong Lee in 2006, has been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department.

Anderson was cleared of wrongdoing in the Lee shooting this spring. He was arrested for domestic assault June 14, but a judge dismissed the case when there wasn't enough evidence for trial.

Since then, Anderson has been on paid administrative leave. The Pioneer Press is reporting that Anderson was fired for an ethics violation -- he claims with no explanation.

"Internal Affairs came out to my house and they gave me some papers. They said it was for a policy violation for the code of ethics, but they couldn't even tell me what the violation was," Andersen said in a telephone interview Wednesday night.

The Fong Lee verdict, which cleared Anderson of any wrongdoing, outraged Lee's family and their supporters.