Off-duty cop talks woman out of jumping off bridge


Appleton, Wis., police Officer Chris Biese was on his way home from work the other evening, crossing the College Avenue bridge, when something prompted him to turn his car around -- and possibly save a life: the sight of woman, on the bridge, using her cell phone. Only open a few weeks, the $17.85 million bridge sits more than 50 feet above the Fox River.

Whatever clues she gave off, Biese's hunch seems to have been on target. When he approached the woman, she said she wanted to kill herself. She struggled with the officer, who used a free hand to call 911, and found herself in the back of a squad car, according to the Appleton Post-Crescent. There, she kept up the talk about wanting to kill herself. Police took her to a local hospital, where she's under observation.