Occupy protesters take over K Street [PHOTOS]

Minnesotans took over K Street today
Minnesotans took over K Street today

Protesters from around the country occupied K Street this afternoon, including dozens of Minnesotans.

The demonstration was the combined effort of numerous groups joining up with OccupyDC to send a message against corporate money in politics. K Street is home to America's most powerful lobbying firms.

"I got involved because I want to be a voice for the voiceless," said Sacou Fofana, a mother of two from Woodbury, Minnesota. "We the 99% are fed up. We want them to pay their fair share."

Fofana says she wants to bring special attention to the lack of opportunity for young people in the current economy.

The 99% standing in the heart of the 1%
The 99% standing in the heart of the 1%

"How many students don't have a job?" Fofana asks.

Reminding the lobbyists who are "always lobbying for Big Business" that the average American is struggling to make ends meet was an important part of today's demonstration, according to protesters in Washington.

"They seem to say on K Street, 'Forget about you. I'm thinking about me,'" says Jenny Carpenter, a protester from St. Paul. "We're sick of being unemployed."

Carpenter describes the scene as thousands of demonstrators descended on K Street for the protest.

"We were on K Street and we shut it down," said Carpenter. "People started coming out on the streets taking pictures of us, honking their horns and leaning out of windows.."

The protest was peaceful, although Washington D.C. police reportedly arrested ten protesters for refusing to clear the street. About a thousand people marched on K Street.

No Minnesotans were arrested, according to Minnesotans for a Fair Economy spokesman Kevin Whelan.

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