Occupy MN website hacked

Occupy MN devotees awoke this morning to find the group's website was down. All that was left was a blank iPage with the words "This site has been suspended."

According to Occupy MN spokeswoman April Lukes-Streich that's because some malicious hacker has been attacking the website since this weekend.

"We're still trying to figure it out," she says.

Over the weekend, Lukes-Streich says, a mysterious new tab appeared on the website that was completely different from the site's usual updates on marches, general assembly meetings and calls for donations. She describes it almost like a banking website with fields for personal information -- a classic "phishing" scam dummy page used for stealing personal information. Odder still was the fact that it was written in Spanish.

Nothing to see here.
Nothing to see here.

Occupy MN organizer Osha Karow --the original owner of the domain name -- went in and removed the code and files for the page, but this morning the same IP address tried to put it back up. That's when the web hosting company iPage suspended the account and took down the site for "suspicious activity."

Lukes-Streich says the Occupy MN team is working with iPage to rebuild and better protect the site, but also to try to figure out who the hacker could be. All she knows is that the IP address is from Massachusetts; however, Massachusetts is also where an affiliate of iPage is located.

"We're not closely affiliated with the East Coast or to someone who would do something malicious like that," she says.

Karow just managed to get the site back up and running, and says since no personal information is collected on the site, occupiers who used it are safe. In case of another shutdown, protesters should consult their sister site for the latest info.

Across the country at other Occupy movements, allegations of hacking have flown between occupiers and law enforcement. Occupy Wall Street hackers are threatening the Fox News website for its coverage of the protests, while the Boston police say an 'Anonymous' faction of Occupy Boston stole officers' personal information from its site.

We'll update if the culprits in Occupy MN's case become known.

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