Occupy Homes protest blocks traffic in downtown Minneapolis [PHOTOS]

An Occupy Homes protest over the evictions of two south Minneapolis residents by Chase Bank has blocked traffic along some streets in downtown Minneapolis this afternoon.

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The protest is part of Occupy Homes' "Beat Back the Bank Attack," an event that began at noon outside the Hennepin County Government Center.

"Demand justice for Jaymie Kelly and Sergio Ceballos, two neighbors who are resisting eviction by Chase Bank," a Facebook post about the event says. "We'll have some stunning visuals and new tactics - lets [sic] make this big. This event will be an escalation of past bank actions - we shall not be moved! March will start from government center."

This photo was posted to the Facebook page shortly after the event began:

Occupy Homes protest blocks traffic in downtown Minneapolis [PHOTOS]

And here's a handful of additional images from the scene:

Today's Occupy Homes action will continue with an event beginning at 5 p.m. this evening at 3753 11th Ave. S. Here's how an Occupy Homes Facebook post previews that event:

Active eviction defense at Sergio Ceballos home for over 30 days has inspired South Minneapolis into action. Eviction Free Zone resident Jaymie Kelly will now resist eviction at her home.

Join community leaders, union members, and Eviction Free Zone residents for a show of force. Eviction Free Zone march between occupied homes.

Chase should negotiate with Sergio now! His children should start this school this year knowing they can safely stay in their home. Sergio's house is under constant threat of eviction - the police could come at any moment. The city must stop using tax payer resources to carry out unjust evictions for Wall St.

Take a stand for remaining in our homes, reclaiming our dignity and rebuilding housing as a human right.

Occupy Homes has had success resisting evictions using similar tactics in the past.

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