"OccuPirates" arrested at Occupy Homes protest at US Bank [VIDEO]


At an Occupy Homes MN march early yesterday evening at US Bank in downtown, three marchers who refused to leave the bank's lobby were arrested by the Minneapolis police.

They were not, however, dressed in Guy Fawkes masks and black bloc.

Instead, cops lead three "OccuPirates" dressed in tri-corner hats, long coats and hoop earrings to the squad cars. Yarr!

The marchers delivered a petition of about 6,500 signatures asking that US Bank renegotiate the mortgages for two Minneapolis homeowners facing foreclosure. The group's main demand was that US Bank CEO Richard Davis promise to meet with the homeowners, Monique White and Bobby Hull.

Building security confronts the OccuPirates.
Building security confronts the OccuPirates.

To drive that point home, the OccuPirates broke out a folding table and two chairs, and set up behind a line that building security designated as the separation between public and private property. Although a woman accepted the petition, the chair meant for Davis remained empty.

"Stop the true pirates!" one of the pirates called. "We are here to negotiate!"

After some theatrical yarrring, a little fife playing, and three stern warnings from building security, the Minneapolis police stepped in. Of the few dozen protesters, only the three OccuPirates refused to leave the lobby, sitting down on the floor.

After roughly 15 minutes, the men were finally cuffed and made to walk the plank:

Watch the entire incident in the clip below -- the action starts at 19:30, there's a rather lovely sea shanty sung a capella at roughly 28:00, and arrests begin at about 51:00. The first pirate to be lead out seems to be screaming in pain:

Nick Espinosa -- the creative brains behind glitterbombing and gay barbarians -- introduced the OccuPirate character earlier this month with a YouTube clip:

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