Obsessed Wisconsin man breaks into love interest's apartment, demands bras and panties

Why did he want her undergarments so bad? And why did he want exactly six bras and six panties?
Why did he want her undergarments so bad? And why did he want exactly six bras and six panties?

Jose Hernandez-Ordonez, a 22-year-old Madison resident, apparently falls in love very, very easily. He's obsessed with a woman who says she's never spoken to him, and went to the extent of breaking into her apartment early Sunday morning on a mission for her bras and panties.

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Hernandez-Ordonez's obsession could cost him dearly -- he's been charged with burglary, armed robbery, intimidation of a victim, and misdemeanor bail jumping. Hopefully smelling those panties was worth it.

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

The young woman's 10-year-old sister was alone in the [Greenway Cross] apartment sometime after 6 a.m. Sunday, after everyone else had gone to work. She told police that after breaking into the apartment through the girl's bedroom window, Hernandez-Ordonez threatened her by implying that he had a gun in his waistband and said that he would shoot her and her parents if she called the police or yelled for help. No gun was seen.

Hernandez-Ordonez, whom the girl did not know, demanded that she go into her sister's bedroom and get him six pairs of her underwear and six bras. He also questioned the girl about her sister's current boyfriend, saying that the young woman had to break up with her boyfriend or he would kill the boyfriend.

The young woman told police later that she had learned about a year ago that Hernandez-Ordonez was interested in her but said she had never dated him or even spoken to him.

When police went to his apartment they found several of the undergarments in his dresser drawer.

Hernandez-Ordonez told police he's "crazy in love" with the young woman, with his case of love madness exacerbated by the fact he was drunk and high on cocaine when he decided it was a good idea to do whatever it took to obtain his love interest's undergarments.

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