Oberstar drops dirty money too

Yesterday we reported that Sen. Amy Klobuchar and candidate Elwyn Tinklenberg tossed their donations from former CEO and now jailed millionaire Tom Petters. Now Rep. Jim Oberstar is following in his fellow Democrat's foot steps, according to MN Independent.

Oberstar, whose campaign has received $3,300 from Petters, intends to follow suit. "After the indictment came down we decided we should give the money to charity," says Blake Chaffee, Oberstar's campaign manager. "We haven't decided which one it will go to yet, but we're not going to hang on to it."

Still no word from Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign about the $1,600 he received from Petters. We assume his campaign is too busy scrambling up some big distraction to get us from mentioning his suit purchasing problems.

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